Community Health Law Partnership Clinic client was recently granted asylum. The clinic’s client fled to the United States alone as a 16-year-old after facing death threats and physical violence in Guatemala, requesting asylum at the border. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Asylum Office interviewed the client in 2018 but his status remained in limbo. In 2022, the Community HeLP Clinic successfully argued that the Guatemalan government was unable or unwilling to control persecution against its client by private actors. As a result, the client no longer faces deportation and can now focus on rebuilding his life in the United States. Staff Attorney Kristen Shepherd handled the initial presentation of the case before the Asylum Office. Navroz N. Tharani (J.D.’22) wrote the 2022 brief, supervised by Shepherd and Assoc. Dean & Clinic Director Jason A. Cade, while Eddy Atallah (J.D.’21) assisted with earlier research.